Monday, September 18, 2006


Flying ain't what it used to be...

So I arrived to National at 10:30AM Thursday, two hours before my flight, only to find said flight cancelled. According to the gate agent, Northwest's reservation system automatically rebooks you onto ...the same flight tomorrow. Yeah, that's useful. The next best option didn't leave until 2:30PM, and to top it off, it was obvious by then that dad wasn't getting my voicemails and therefore didn't know what had happened to me. I tried to call him, he tried to call me, but we kept missing each other due to being on airplanes, and when I finally got to Phoenix at 7PM Pacific, he'd decided I wasn't coming and was half an hour down the road. We finally got to my aunt's house around 11PM local, or 2AM my time. The best thing I can say about all of that is that they did give me a free first-class upgrade between Minneapolis and Phoenix. You still get dinner in first class, as opposed to coach where you have to pay $5 for a box of crackers, cheese and Oreos. All this for the low, low price of about $350.

More later, but the immediate news is the answer to this question:

She's pregnant just had her baby, and some of us wonder if Karlie is too

Yes! So Elisabeth will have a playmate right next door. They'll be my 3rd cousins, thanks to step-2nd-cousin ("what does that make me?" "absolutely nothing!!!") Katie for clearing that up. I could never keep the Nth-cousin/N-removed bit straight, but now I know.

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