Saturday, January 27, 2007


More Globalization

Here's a good alternative and non-technical take on globalization from Micheal Totten, wanderer extraordinaire and definitely not rich, republican, or conservative. Money quote:
Globalization isn't all about America. It's not about making every restaurant, coffee shop, and retail outlet the same. It's about exchanging goods and ideas. That exchange goes both ways. Countries that trade may grow more alike over time, but they also become more internally varied.

I do wish Starbucks made it to Chile before I did. It's not like every café would have been a part of the franchise. Plenty of locals are now discovering what they've been missing. Some of them will never tolerate instant coffee again. Starbucks is almost sure to inspire local competitors. They'll take a North American idea (which actually first came from Europe) and then they will make it Chilean. Local cafés won't be displaced. They will be born.

My summary of his article:

"Globalization is good because I was in Chile and I wanted Starbucks but couldn't get any."

I failed to see how it was any argument for or against the merits of globalization... At most, it was a one-off example.

Using Starbucks as an example, though -- classic. Because we all need expensive coffee! (I don't drink caffeine, so the idea of using Starbucks as an example gives me an additional chuckle.)

Incidentally... these "word verification" CAPTCHAs for blogger are hard as hell! On average it takes me two tries. I think I get it right on the 1st try less than 20% of the time. Those things piss me off, though they are completely necessary.

Let's see if I can do this one...
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