Friday, January 26, 2007


I'm Sorry, We Don't Have Time For That

I'm not going to bother linking it, but some idiot politician in the Carolinas is proposing that the government review the script of any film that's planning to shoot in the state to make sure it doesn't have something like the rape scene in Hounddog. How does the government come to be involved with filmmaking in the first place? Of course, it's because they offer subsidies in order to draw filmmakers.

The awesome stupidity of not only subsidizing an industry that makes plenty of profit on its own, but then using that subsidy to take a (small but symbolic) bite out of free expression, inspired me to think of the following way in which a politician committed to small government might sell the notion--in individual cases--even to people who favor a large public sector: "I'm sorry, your federal/state government has far more important priorities than to worry about [pointless-but-sensational headline of the day]. There are still wars, famine and diseases ravaging the world. Thanks, next question!"

Reagan could have pulled it off...

Another day, another 1st amendment attack..

So was he a republican or a democrat? I'm going to venture something so stupid would only come from the mouth of somebody in one of those parties :)

I would guess republican, due to their moral suppression, but it could easily be democratic, due to nanny-state-ism!

I can't even smell what direction idiocy wafts from anymore :)
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