Tuesday, January 23, 2007



So I get to the office this morning to find that the network admins have pushed out another hotfix, which rebooted my machine after installation. No big deal, I'm glad I don't have to think about that stuff along with my actual job responsibilities. But it occurs to me to wonder if getting used to this at work is detrimental to taking good care of my home computers. Of course it's not for me, but what about non-technical people? Will they eventually be so used to stuff being installed and even rebooting their machine that they won't notice when spyware or viruses do the same thing at home?

Non-technical people *already* aren't doing enough -- so nothing has changed or will change regarding this.

There's nothing to lose; they have already failed. I don't know a single non-technical person who even knows what windows update is, let alone how to do it, or what automatic updates is, or why it might be good to have that turned on.

Network hotfixes being pushed to a machine is nothing new either.

My main office (where I'm never at) has no central management. EVERY machine MUST be INDIVIDUALLY windows-updated. Consequently, every machine is NOT current with the patches AT ALL. Having a managed network with patches auto-pushed changes nothing regarding the non-techies using these computers -- they wouldn't even notice if the updates stopped.

And they don't really notice them when they happen either....

They just..... don't notice anything.

They're dumb and lack basic pattern recognition skills.
Yeah, non-technical people are already lucky if they notice anything at all at this point. You know I'm my entire family's "help desk" guy, and I don't know how many times my relatives have said, "I don't know how this weird thing got on there, but can you get rid of it?" And then I do, but it's always an uphill battle because I'm not there all the time maintain their machines like I can maintain mine, because I'm on it all night every night. And while I could turn on automatic updates for Windows and AVG Free and whatever else I give them, most of them are still using dialup, and they can't/won't sit there long enough for that crap to download. Oh well, at least that means they'll keep inviting me to parties.... ;)
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