Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Blogging Will Be Slow For a Few Days

While I deal with an overflow of school and work. In the meantime, much like John Edwards' "two Americas", there seem to be two John Travoltas. (emphasis added)

In the movie "Be Cool" John Travolta's Caddy is blown up and he is given a Honda Hybrid as a courtesy car. How he deals with this:
Martin (Danny Devito) Hey Chili, that your car?
Chili: Yes, Its the Caddilac of Hybrids.
Martin: A bit tight for a guy like you?
Chili: a small price to pay for the environment.
Martin: But what about speed? (its parked between Ferarris)
Chili: Martin, when you're important, People will wait.

and, b)
John Travolta is qualified in several types of single and multi-engine aircraft, and has the highest pilot medical certification possible. His house is located immediately off the main airstrip, and is designed so his jets can taxi right up to two outbuildings connected to the main structure, which is shaped like a squat air-control tower. "He uses the 707 as the family van," says Jumbolair developer Terri Jones. "The Gulfstream is his sports car."

John Travolta in his personal Boeing 707

Hey, it's a small price to pay for the environment! I mean, we might never get the message about global warming if celebrities didn't have their jets to fly around to press conferences!

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