Tuesday, January 16, 2007


As Manhattan Goes...

So goes the nation, according to the New York Times, which tells us that census data shows for the first time in US history, more than half of American women are unmarried. They also helpfully illustrate that the writers of Sex and the City aren't any more talented than the rest of Hollywood--they just get their material from real life (emphasis added):
Emily Zuzik, a 32-year-old musician and model who lives in the East Village of Manhattan, said she was not surprised by the trend.


Ms. Zuzik has lived with a boyfriend twice, once in California where the couple registered as domestic partners to qualify for his health insurance plan. “I don’t plan to live with anyone else again until I am married,” she said, “and I may opt to keep a place of my own even then.”

I'm not sure, but I may have seen an advantage to being married to your love one. With Sean's broken foot, I've spent a lot of time doing stuff on his behalf-- getting copies of x-rays, obtaining a handicap pass from the DMV, trying to get prescription changes, picking up prescriptions*, inquiring about pain with doctors, checking on appointment times, getting status updates on surgery and such.

I've been amazed how easy it is and how no one has batted an eye at my requests or inquiries.

Of course, I never experienced this scenario when I was single. It would be interesting to see if I got a less helpful reception if I started off the conversations with "My boyfriend broke his foot and..." instead of "My husband"

*As far as I can tell, anyone off the street can pick up your filled prescriptions for you as long as you know your name and have a credit card.
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