Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Make Your Plinking More Fun...

...with a moving target! That's what one moronic fratboy did in Corvallis, OR over the weekend. Now, of course shootings are no laughing matter, especially when a well-off fratboy shoots a homeless man for fun--with all the sociopolitical baggage that implies. But really this is just comedy gold, like the Simpsons come to life:

Sanderson had just climbed out of a dumpster between AGR and Phi Gamma Delta, otherwise known as Figi, when he felt something hit his left thigh. He took a step and it hurt. When he looked at his leg he saw blood and realized he’d been shot.

"It was a unprovoked attack," Sanderson said. "Didn’t say anything to anyone."
How do you know it wasn't attempted murder? The shooter used a .22 <rimshot>
According to the friend, they were both "freaked out" that Grimes had hit Sanderson. They left the house together, Grimes to go to the library and the friend to get some pizza. When the friend returned to the AGR house and saw police at the scene, he "thought it was all blown out of proportion," the police report reads, and "(he) thought the response was bizarre."

Police did not agree and neither did the university.
Say, you mean they call the police when you blow away a bum? Damn commies!
Several people familiar with AGR have said the rural backgrounds of many members, and the fact they are hunters, might account for the quantity of firearms in the house. The national Web site for the fraternity says AGR is not just a social fraternity but also a professional one. Its members often come from agricultural backgrounds and are headed for careers in the "agriculture, food and fiber industries."

Brent Atkinson, president of the Interfraternity Council at OSU, said a lot of guys, not just at AGR, own guns for hunting and trap shooting.
Let us sing Kumbayah, and group-hug. Then we may understand these "guns" and the strange people who own them.

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