Monday, November 06, 2006


Hot Spiced Cider...

...with a nip of brandy is damn good. Also, it saps all my motivation. Well, that and the 1600 yards I swam after work. I am really enjoying the swimming again, after a hiatus of nearly ten months. There is one thing Chinquapin doesn't have that Lee District Park did though: a hot tub. I miss the hot tub. Of course if I miss it enough there's always the jets in my own tub!

I like cider... but not getting wet. Eww. It's way too cold for that.
Indoor pool. It's slightly chilly when you get in, but it needs to be if you're exercising. I'm swum laps in a warm pool before and it's more uncomfortable than you'd ever expect. Imagine needing to sweat, but being unable because the medium surrounding you can't absorb any more moisture. Hot summer day X infinity! :-)
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