Sunday, November 12, 2006


Hitting Ned Devine's

"We came on the sloop John B., my grandfather and me,
Around Nassau town we did roam

Drinkin' all night, got into a fight
Call up the captain, I wanna go home.

No, last night doesn't truly compare to that song, but it reminded me of it. D&D (a couple I know), their friend E and I went out to Ned Devine's in Sterling last night. I'd never been there before, but it's in the same building as the old two-screen dollar theater from when I was growing up in that area.

I like the layout. You show your ID outside the door to a guy who looks like Steve the bouncer from the Jerry Springer show, and pay the cover ($10--this better be good!) at the box office. Once inside, the "quiet room" is where the projection rooms used to be, and the auditoriums have been combined into one big space, retaining the movie screens a la the late, lamented Bardo's. They have lasers and everything, even fog to cover up the awful geeky white people "dancing". Both because of that, and because the music was monotonously the same soundtrack from those days, we were all reminded of high school dances. That was good for some funny conversation, but sort of left me feeling like I should be wearing a cardigan and walking with a cane.

Luckily around that time the dance floor finally provided some entertainment. A couple guys and some girls got into a fight, complete with shouting (inaudible over the worse-than-normally loud music) and getting thrown out the back door by multiple bouncers. We'd barely started making fun of the 'fighting irish' when several bouncers ran past us heading for the front door, where the dumbasses were apparantly trying to come back in. Since we were waiting for the girls to come back from the bathroom, D and I got a slow start heading out to watch the fun, but I did manage to hear a very slurred voice yelling "what'd I do!"

When we finally gave up and left, vowing to go to DC to a real club next time, the parking lot was full of cops, with some scantily-clad girls in handcuffs getting misty in the summer rain and trash-talking the officers, who looked like they missed the good old days when Loudoun County didn't have a bar to its name. Call up the captain...

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