Thursday, October 12, 2006


This Is What I Come Back To?

Seriously, I can't leave you people alone for three days. Cory Lidle crashes into an apartment building, Kim Jong Il attempts to explode a nuke, Rep. Foley doesn't understand that a pageboy is just a haircut, and now Mark Warner isn't going to run for President in '08.

Of course, the real news is the Canucks versus the Enormous Mary Jane Plant in Afghanistan (feed me!!!)--what would life be without Fark?

In the meantime I've been reading up on Civil War blockade runners and how to get your pilot's license. As usual, I want to do about a week's worth of stuff everyday, but I'm sure I'll pick one soon. Probably flying, since the market for blockade running has been pretty dead the last 145 years.

And finally I am contemplating camping this weekend, even though the overnight low is predicted to be in the mid 30s. That's why they make 30-degree sleeping bags, right? Or at least that's why they make nice hot campfires ...and booze!

Interesting. Growing marijuana is illegal under the Taliban, the penalty being "imprisonment until the plants are removed". The fact is that opium production is something like 30% of their economy, and by trying to stomp out their opium crops, we are basically forcing poor farmers to have to side with the Taliban.

I'm a bit suspect of the news report. It seems like they are just trying to send the message that they are fighting drugs to the mainstream media. In fact, opium cultivation has been growing in Afghanistan. You can read about it in DRCNet's weekly newsletters, which I've been reading for about 10 yrs. :)

Also: Kim Jong Il *did* explode a nuke. Of course the administration doesn't want us thinking of North Korea's nukes and how we've chosen not to fight the true threat, but instead fight 2 countries that have 0 nukes. And of course the administration wants everybody remembering "plans hitting buildings in new york" around election time.

Never before has looked so suspect to me, as it has this week.

Too bad about Mark Warner, though.
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