Tuesday, October 31, 2006



...I realize I don't keep in touch with people as well as I could, but you can still invite me to your parties. Maybe I just assume too much when I think people are friends. I'll try to be more realistic about that.

On a less dramatic note, this was a productive weekend. Concrete steps taken to finally fill the empty space where comfy livingroom furniture should be. Funny Halloween pics taken, old friends caught up with (the graf above doesn't refer to the entire world) and snazzy curtains hung over the balcony door where boring sheers used to be. That last one means yet another mini-project around the balcony entrance though. The previous owner just screwed the curtainrod brackets into drywall, and I yanked one partially out while hanging the curtains. It needs to be widened about a foot anyway to make it easier to get the curtains out of the way and open the door, so some drywall anchors are in the immediate future. Ah, homeowning.

Didn't get any Halloween party invites I take it? Well, neither did I. How about this, you're invited to my Thanksgiving party on the 24th in Potsdam! ;-D
Didn't get certain ones. I wasn't sitting home or anything, but it's always good to see, a couple days later, pics from a party that you'd really think you would have been invited to, or at least known about beforehand since you regularly hang out with the people hosting it and know a fair number of the other people who were invited.

You're lucky I already have plans for Thanksgiving though, I wouldn't rule out a snap decision to attend yours otherwise. Then what would you do, hehe? ;-)
Hmmm... well, you don't mind camping out in freezing temperatures, right? You could've helped us paint our new apartment! ;-D
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