Thursday, September 28, 2006


Rain and More Auld Acquaintances

I seem to be on a run with running into people I used to know. Riding Metro into my old neighborhood to pick up my car from the Subaru dealer this afternoon, the cold wind and rain were blowing sideways hard enough that there wasn't any truly dry place on the platform, let alone outside. I therefore decided to take the elevator to the street level and stay dry for a couple more minutes. Wouldn't you know it, over my shoulder I hear another familiar voice saying "Stacy!", and turn around to see Darren, a former classmate at Virginia Tech who lives in Huntington.

We caught up a bit as the bus saved him from getting soaked on what would otherwise have been a 15-minute walk to his house, but I was mostly thinking "this rain is going to trash my balcony." Had I been expecting a thunderstorm, I'd have taken down my hammock or at least brought the pillow inside and stacked the chairs. I'd also have taken the 36" planter box off the railing since it will fill with water in a downpour.

When I got home though, it wasn't as bad as I feared. Yes, the pillow is wet but it's all synthetic so that's not an emergency. The 24" planter box on the railing was enjoying the rain just fine, as it should since I drilled drain holes in the side after the floods this spring. And my plucky little apple tree is still green and standing up straight. The 36" box, though, and all the catnip in it are done. I guess it's going to be time to plant those snow peas...

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