Saturday, September 09, 2006


People Suck

Bitter got a new [to her] 27" TV, and I whiled away the first half of last night helping her move it into her new digs. It's quite an improvement on her old one, being at least as big as my place and with all-new cabinets and mostly-new appliances. It was also a minorly interesting historical piece, with a floorplan very similar to Mel's old apartment, especially in the placement of the diningroom relative to the kitchen and livingroom.

My reward for this effort--the TV had to go up a couple flights of stairs--was what may be my last meal at the chinese place up the street, which is one of the best in the DC area. The entire shopping center, which is a charming 50s period piece reminiscent of the original Greenbelt, MD, is slated for redevelopment. The new complex will probably have at least the same number of storefronts, but it will undoubtedly be more upscale and expensive. And better, I'm sure. But the Northern Virginia of my youth is slipping away.

On another note, I can't tell the story of the second half of the evening since it involves people known to everyone who reads this. Suffice to say that the human race can be brutally disappointing sometimes, and that there's a new name on the list of men to whom no woman I'm dating will ever be introduced.

Wow I am intriqued by your last paragraph. If someone was being a jackass--- don't they deserve to be ostracized on your blog? :)

(Of course, it's easier said than done-- I've restrained myself on a number of topics on my blog, knowing the readers)
It has more to do with it being a.) something that's not about ME personally, and b.) not really confirmed (though multiply-sourced and probably true)
So send us a private email! GOSSSSSSSSSSIP!!
You know the story, Clint
I think I got tidbits of the story now too.
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