Monday, September 04, 2006


Go Hokies!

So Kipp and I went down to Blacksburg this weekend to watch Virginia Tech play Northeastern. Not a great matchup, but being the season opener it brought out the crowds. Said crowds thinned noticeably in the 3rd quarter, by which time the Hokies were blowing them out 35-0. The final was 38-0 and the most I can say for it is that at least they seem to have gotten over their old bad habit of getting overconfident and losing to crap teams.

I have pictures, but can't upload them right now because during the game, someone opened Kipp's car door and helped themselves to a pack of cigarettes and my USB cable. Apparantly that was more worthy of being thieved than my GPS, cell phone, camera battery chargers or Leatherman that were also in there. Not to mention Kipp's credit cards, which were spread across the front seats but otherwise present and accounted for, along with his radar detector and stereo. I guess the nicotine addiction is a powerful thing...

Update: I found a substitute cable in the basement. Pics will be posted soon but not fully tagged for a couple days.

That's weird that all they took was a pack of cigarettes and the usb cable. What are they going to do with the usb cable?
I think they also took a leather billfold. Picky picky picky.
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