Friday, September 08, 2006


Flickr and Weekend Plans

Per Clint's advice, I tried out Flickr Uploadr. It's interestingly the exact same set of capabilities as the web-based uploader, but adds the ability to edit photo titles and to batch-upload a bunch of pics at once. It also allegedly allows rotation of pics, but when I rotated one, it appeared in the original orientation on Flickr. Bug. Still a big improvement though!

Most likely going camping this weekend. Even after the big hike last weekend, when you live among pavement and brick you don't turn down opportunities to get outdoors.

If you want to really go insane, you could use the uploader I wrote. I highly recommend against it, hehehehe. It's so damn tailored to me it's sick.

Anyway, glad you're coming camping!

Oh yeah -- FlickR has a rotate button over each picture. So you can just rotate it there.

I'm lucky. My camera senses it's orientation and rotates automatically when the picture is taken :D Now if only it could take good night pics.... And infrared...
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