Thursday, August 03, 2006


Some more personal stuff

Yes, Mel, this has something to do with our conversation about blogs and which ones are boring ;-)

So here I sit, blogging from the bathroom. I'm doing it strictly to multitask while I try to get out the door on my way to Assateague, but it reminded me of a thread I read somewhere a couple years ago (before wi-fi was popular) where a guy was asking for advice on running cat-5 cable into his bathroom. Predictably, most of the replies were along the lines of "if you can't tear yourself away from the internet to poop, you have bigger problems than how to run cable". Then later it turned out he needed his privacy to surf pr0n or whatever, because his girlfriend looked over his shoulder constantly otherwise. Having dated someone who was big into chatting online, and caught her at least once netsexing some guy _while I was in the room_, I can semi-understand that. However, "solving" that problem by locking yourself in the bathroom ...?

Anyway, off to Assateage for a long weekend of sweating my ass off fun on the beach! Hope everyone else has a good one too.

I'm happy with having computer access in one room of the house. I don't need it anymore than that! I thought I was heavily addicted to the internet, but it sounds like there are others out there even more so than me.
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