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McCain-Lieberman '08???

Michael Barone imagines a (Republican) McCain-Leiberman presidential run in 2008 (link via Instapundit)

Instant gratification: I would vote for these guys in a heartbeat as by far the best-available candidates in an era that distinctly lacks great statesmen (or women) here or elsewhere in the world.

Blah-blah: Who else is the GOP going to nominate, Dick Cheney? Don Rumsfeld? Cheney is a great VP and a solid backstop for W, but can you imagine him campaigning against, say, blow-dried and Botoxed John Edwards? I used to think Rumsfeld was the greatest thing since sliced bread, but after the last couple years I've come to see him as a modern version of Bob McNamara--a sharp manager but suffering from the tunnel vision that afflicts a lot of sharp managers. He can't see that his plan only took him so far, and a president has to be able to step outside himself and adjust to changing situations.

But either of those guys would be way better than anyone in the Democratic camp. Both Edwards and Barack Obama are media darlings without much in the way of political accomplishments, Al Gore has spent the last five years whoring himself out to the tinfoil-hat left, and Ned Lamont is a richboi protest candidate whose neo-Stalinist backers will guarantee him political death in Connecticut, let alone the rest of the country. None of those people have a thought in their head besides that they should be in charge because they think they're smarter than everyone else. The one and only Dem that I might actually vote for (and I did, for governor of VA) is Mark Warner. Unfortunately he's also exactly the kind of practical centrist that the Micheal Moore pitchfork brigade is promising to run out of the party. Yes, there's another year for the world to turn, but the Dems' world has been turning backwards for the last 6 years in a row now. I'm not holding my breath.

So... McCain-Lieberman '08!!!

Read about how McCain's father helped cover up the Isreali attack on the U.S.S. Liberty. I daresay McCain Sr. is a traitor -- the soldiers attacked were even given gag orders not to talk about it. Isreal shelled one of our ships for 2 hours and specifically jammed their communications frequencies. Why do we fund Isreal again?

Now, Ariana Huffington is usually way too over-the-top for me to be able to take 100% of what she says seriously. (She always makes a good point, then manages to ruin the whole article by the end.) But this one (link below) I found to be quite insightful on McCain, who I am already very suspect on because of his father's behavior. Check it out:
I'm sorry but I simply will not accept anything that Arianna Huffington has to say on any subject whatsoever. If she said it was raining I'd look the window for myself.

IMO the Liberty incident comes under the same mental category as the JFK shooting, where you just really want there to be more of an explanation than "it was one crazy guy" or "they thought it was a different ship". I think that mainly because in all the c-o-n-spiracy theories I've never heard any guesses as to the motive. It's pretty much "well so much damage was done, there must have been some sinister reason" when in reality that's just the power of modern airstrikes. It's lucky it wasn't worse. Americans are no more immune than anyone else from becoming collateral damage when they're hanging around in a war zone.
Whoa, I randomly stumbled upon this response. MUST..FIND...RSS...COMMENT FEED...

Anyway, "they thought it was a differnet ship" defies common logic to me. It was shelled for 2 hrs, during which they lowered their american flag so that they could replace it with an even bigger american flag. And I hear their american radio frequencies were deliberately jammed... (" Both Liberty and USS Saratoga radio operators reported hearing the distinctive buzzing sound usually indicative of radio frequency jamming" - from wiki page)

I think it's very notable that one of the groups challenging the "official" explanation is an "organization of several Liberty survivors" (from the wiki page, which I read awhile back but re-read again).

The Liberty was more than twice the size of the ship they supposedly mis-took it for.

"Proponents of deliberate attack theory include the surviving Liberty crewmen, [1][The website of the Veterans of USS Liberty --] and some former U.S. government officials, including then-CIA director Richard Helms and then-Secretary of State Dean Rusk as well as Admiral Thomas Hinman Moorer, former Chief of Naval Operations and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff."

I'd say those are pretty credible sources that are less likely to lie about the situation than either the U.S. *or* Isreali govt. Just because Huffington mentioned this in an article doesn't suddenly make it all false just because she agreed with it.

And then there is "U.S. rescue attempts: At least two rescue attempts were launched from U.S. aircraft carriers nearby but were recalled". I saw a video that said the president basically stopped the help before it arrived, to prevent international brewhaha. Which is pretty traitorous to me -- support the troops even when you don't support the war.

Now, this doesn't necessarily mean that McCain is evil -- but his father was involved in some of this shadiness.

And I sort of doubt Arianna Huffington (who I only get in email forwards, I never seek out her stuff) would fabricate quotes..... But hey, I too am too lazy to fact-check the McCain quotes. Is there a quote website somewhere??

Anyway, I am off once again to search for +RSS +comment because without a comment feed I probably wont notice a response.

Today was special - I manually visited every blog in my blogroll so that I could ask for return links. (And promptly forgot that was why I was here when I saw a response...)
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